Weight Gain Differences in Men and Women

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Did you know that in childhood, boys and girls have about the same amount of body fat, but by the age of 20, girls have 22 percent body fat, and active boys only have about 10 percent? This is due to the difference in male and female hormones, with women getting the short end of the stick. Estrogen actually encourages the creation of fat cells, with testosterone encourages the creation of muscle mass (which increases metabolism). Additionally, the reputable Estetica Institute says thanks to hormones, the way men and women gain weight is also different. As a result, there are certain areas of the body that may be impossible to reach via diet alone, but can be perfectly slimmed down and shaped via liposuction.

For example, what do women usually complain about most? Their hips, buns and thighs, right? This is because women deposit fat from the bottom up, meaning they first gain weight in the thighs and buttocks, then the stomach, and then finally on the upper body, arms, etc. Men, on the other hand, gain weight first in the stomach, which is why you hardly ever seen a woman with a beer belly or a man with a flat stomach but huge thighs. Here is the interesting thing about this fact: whatever fat is gained first is also the last to be shed. This means that no matter what kind of diet you do, and no matter how strict you become, women will still struggle to lose that weight in their thighs and buns. It will be the very last bit of fat to burn off, and the first area to swell back up as soon as you indulge in a small slice of well-deserved birthday cake. A permanent solution to this problem is removing the majority of those offending fat cells via liposuction or the fat freezing treatment CryoSculpt from Cambridge Therapeutics, as it limits the body’s ability to re-gain weight so quickly in those areas.

Cryolipolysis is a treatment which removes the fat cells in the body. It works by controlled cooling and applying it to an area of the body, it is not an invasive procedure. When the cells are exposed to the cooling the fat cells begin to die without damaging the skin layers above. It is considered an alternative to liposuction and it is commonly known as fat freezing.