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Facelift in Singapore
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Today plastic surgery does wonders. Dream body and face are achievable; only have to choose according to your taste. For example a trendy V-face we can obtain through various methods – using full or minimally invasive facelift, Botox or even maybe a thread lift in Singapore. It’s all up to you.

Before making your choice you should know some details.

Botox or fillers? From my experience I would answer that it depends on what you look for. The Botox shrinks muscles and the fillers give volume. And have in mind that Botox won’t help about fat as well as for the hamster cheeks. The rest is in your doctor’s hands. Shall I say that it is a must to “give” your face to a proven and capable doctor? Of course this is the fundamental thing for the successful facelift – to trust your doctor and to be positive about him or her. Only this way you would save your money and you would reach optimal result.

More about facelift types in Singapore

There can be outlined three different facelifts types in Singapore as follows:

  • The first and the most popular type is the traditional one. It is also the most invasive face lift including cutting, pulling the skin up and stitching.
  • The second type is known as suture thread lift. It is less invasive than the traditional one although it still includes stitching and anchoring.
  • Third type is a new Korean-style technique known as dissolvable V-lift. It is also the least invasive method out of the three types which means also less pain and low downtime. As you can guess as all dissolves the recovery is fast.

To talk about the face lift cost

Of course here we are going to talk about professional face lift done by experienced professionals. Maybe you can find cheaper offers but it means that it would be also less qualitative. So face lift cost is around $ 2000 for both thread lift and V-lift types.

How to choose your doctor if you are not familiar with face lift? You can make a short search in social networks or to check where celebrities do their face lifts.

And finally to sum.

Concerning low downtime Botox, chin fillers and dissolvable thread lift are the most preferable ones. The most V-face effective are traditional facelift and dissolvable thread lift. If you look for less pain do not choose traditional facelift. The last one is also the costliest one and if you do not want to pay more money the rest options are for you. But mostly if you ask someone who has done face lifts probably all would recommend to you Botox, chin fillers or dissolvable thread lift. It seems that the traditional painful methods are dead. And who knows – with such a fast medical development maybe tomorrow there would be more methods that could be painless and noninvasive. So now it is your turn to choose your face type and how to reach it. It is as easy as it sounds. And as you see today it is much more affordable than ever.