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+65 90128537
LTC Building B 12 Arumugam Road #03-08 Singapore
Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00
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Credit card
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January, 2017
Street address: 12 Arumugam Road #03-08
Postal code: 409958
Country: Singapore
Latitude: 1° 19' 30.1224" N, Longitude: 103° 53' 28.3452" E

Ubersnap - the best-animated prints.

Do you know how many parties we should organize every year? If you have kids, you know what we are talking about. Very often the ideas we have to entertain our guest are just not enough. Let me introduce you the savior — photo booth that produces instant GIF prints. GIF prints are animated prints which capture movements. Cool, right?

Ubersnap is a photo booth located in Singapore. No matter if you are celebrating a wedding, birthday or just want to have some fun, you can book an appointment. This is a great idea if you need some activity to entertain your guests during the celebration. Photobooth can be hired with a photographer who will explain to your friends and family how to operate with it. He will give the best recommendations how to make the funniest GIF photos. Every GIF photo captures several seconds of movement so you have enough time to jump, clap or hit someone. If you are organizing child birthday, we guarantee you that kids will have a lot of fun.

How does Ubersnap work?

If you book an Ubersnap photo booth for some event, then you should just point the team where to position the booth and leave the rest to them. They will educate your guests and help them if it’s needed. Ubersnap team is made by specialists who are ready to explain everything a thousand times with a smile. Great service is what has made an Ubersnap such a great idea. When a photo is taken, the GIF photos will be printed immediately. Guess, what? There is no limit of copies. Everyone who wants a copy will have one. In addition, all photos can be sent to social media accounts of guests, and they can share their photos right away.

Why are Ubersnap GIF photos so cool?

Having regular photos is OK, but they are kind of boring, don't you think? Everyone has tons of photos on his mobile phone and computer. GIF photos are the new fun method of capturing yourself and your friends. Have you ever dreamed of being a pirate? Now, you can. Ubersnap photo booth can be used with different backdrops and props. This means that you could dress as a captain and use props for your photo shooting. You will have evidence that you were a captain — a GIF photo. If you have some homemade backdrops and props or you have some ideas, don't hesitate to share them with our designers and specialists.

The most important thing is to locate the photo booth on the right spot. If you put it next to the food, there is a higher possibility, people to prefer to eat instead of jump in front of the camera. But if you situate it right next to the dance area, then your success is guaranteed. Don't think that only kid will have fun in the photo booth, our experience shows exactly the opposite. Usually, the eldest people took loads of GIF photos.

Another great advice is to hire an open booth if you consider having more guests. Open GIF photo booths can capture more people at a time, closed one is with more limited space.

Ubersnap has an application where everyone can download its own photos. The app is free for using and the most amazing it is the world's first GIF printing app. Yes, it can be used from iOS users.

The combination of a great service, fun activity, and friendly team will help you organize one unforgettable event. We promise you that everyone will speak for it later. You can check on our website for more information and for available packages.