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December, 2017
Triple Lifestyle
Street address: 57, Ubi Centre, Singapore #05-16
Postal code: 408936
Country: Singapore
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Triple lifestyle is a company situated in Singapore. It is one of these companies, who really care about their products and their effect on people. That's why they have a wide range of products which are healthy for our bodies. Their mission is not just to create products and revenue, but to create value through the idea of healthier life.

Global warming, raising the level of stress, bad quality air and water are things we get used to and don't pay a lot of attention. In fact, all these things affect us without noticing them at all. Triple lifestyle has a mission to distribute products that help people maintain their health. Triple lifestyle has different packages including interest-free because they truly believe that everyone has the right to live a healthier life. They believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. As you may know, their products include air purifier, hot and cold water dispenser and the famous Triple Lifestyle water filtration systems. In addition, they have shower filter system.

Air purifiers are two types so people have choices to select from. The mounted one has 4-filters, ionizer, and UV germicidal lamp. It is Wall-mountable and easy to use. People who have it at home can easily operate it through their phones and turn it on and off from distance. It has a touchscreen and fancy display. The air purifier can clean air from smoke, dust, fiber, and pollen. When it is turned on, it will remove 99% of all dirt in the air and odors, too. It will drive away formaldehyde & benzene and will eliminate bacteria in the air. As you may notice, its benefits are endless for health. We need clean air, or we suffer from different illnesses. This is a perfect tool for people who smoke at home or feel irritated by the heavy cooking odor.

Another air purifier is a standing one and has five filters and 6-Stage Air Purification. This purifier is completely silent and has 4 working modes. It can be controlled from a distance, too. Its high-efficiency can clean odors, bacteria, and viruses in the air.

Drinking water is essential for our health. We drink enormous quantity daily and not all of it is filtered. Through water, we can clean and detox our bodies but only if, it is a good quality. Triple Lifestyle presents dual system hot and cold dispenser that will filter your water and ionize it. This machine gives you the opportunity to drink healthy water that is cleaning your body. In addition, it has child control because preventing incidents with the hot water is one of the most important things.

Triple Lifestyle offers a water filter system that can be installed under the sink. This type of filtration is really useful and it is completely hidden. If you want your interior design in the kitchen not ruined then this is the best water filtration system for you. It will remove bacteria and viruses and it will make traditional water into alkaline. Alkaline water is good for our health in multiple ways.

A shower filter is suitable for people who have lots of allergies and hair loss problems. It will remove sediments and dirt from water in your bath so you will be able to take shower without worrying about your health.

All these Triple Lifestyle's products are an enormous help for people who really pay attention to their health. They are suitable for families and offices, for kindergartens and schools. On their website, you will find out many testimonials of people who already have used their products and see the difference. Creating something, which is good for people, gives the opportunity to feel happy and proud of your invention. Drinking alkaline water and breathing clear air multiply vitality abilities of people.