Thermage is not a miracle - it’s a treatment

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Thermage results

There is no miracle in nature. We people try to believe that someone will come and change everything that we don't like then we will be free forever. Actually, something like that is almost impossible to happen. Women always believe that ageing will not affect them and cream will save them from wrinkles and fine lines. The truth is cruel because as soon as the woman gets into her 30s the skin starts to fade. Cosmetic brands use this to maintain a positive interest in their products and beauty magazines show us perfect 50 years old women who miraculously have better skin than 20 years old girls do. Aesthetic medicine knows that people change and try to give them as optimal options for preserving their beauty as possible. That's why 15 years ago in Singapore facelift was popular, but today Thermage facelift is more popular.

Lifting and tightening have never been easier, not even with laser treatment than it is with radiofrequency treatment, like Thermage. Patients who had a Thermage facelift in Singapore report that they don't experience any pain or downtime. Let's find out is it too good to be true?

Thermage is the name, but what the procedure is?

The body has its own renewal skills in case there is some wound that needs closing. That's why when we have pimples or inflammations we depend on our body to cope with them without interfering. The truth is that ageing changes many things and one of them is body renewal skills. The Thermage facelift in Singapore uses radiofrequency that heats up the lower layer of the patient's skin. Although this sounds like invasive procedure, it is not. The Thermage doesn't affect upper layers and the face remains untouched by the heat. The only result is in a deeper layer where skin and body start to fight with the heat and to produce more collagen and useful things. The heat comes from a special hand tool that is connected to a machine. Thanks to radiofrequency, tightening win the fight against sagging.

Why people love the procedure so much?

OK, we can't speak from all point of views, but most love it because you can see results immediately. It is as fast as injection treatments work, like dermal fillers or Botox. Patients are able to notice the difference right after the aesthetic specialist stops working on their face. Wrinkles and droopiness don't have a chance against so much power because the power of heat can't be substituted with anything else. Another reason can be the fact it is a needle-free procedure and people don't have to be under anaesthesia. Believe it or not, anaesthesia scares many people so needle-free procedure sounds like a walk in the park. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds, because the quality procedure requires an experienced aesthetic specialist but it is easier than a surgical facelift, for example.

Another great advantage of the Thermage facelift in Singapore is the fact that you can have it in the eyelids area. Certain treatments are not suitable for this area so people who want to hide part of their eye bags that reveals their secret, real age can't have the option to do it. The Thermage facelift is suitable for your face, neck and body so you shouldn't worry about that.

What is so different about the treatment?

Collagen production is as important for cells as cement is important for buildings. Without collagen, skin looks tired and exhausted so you look this way, too. Another thing that is great for your skin is elastin. Unfortunately, elastic and collagen vanish with years and ageing so body feels the necessity of both of them to maintain a fresh look. Many types of dermal fillers have them in their ingredients just to give the skin everything she needs. Thermage is like a blessing for the loose skin but it is not suitable for people whom main mission is to get rid of scars and blemishes.

How long is the treatment?

The treatment is fast and you will be astonished that for so short period of time so many benefits you will gain. The dermatologist will hold the hand tool and will treat targeted area. There is a chance before the procedure to apply on your skin some cream just to be sure your upper layer won't affected by the heat. Don't think that you will burn from the inside it is not like that at all. Heating is gently and you don't feel any discomfort. People who want to treat their body should expect slightly longer procedure. For face usually, the treatment lasts less than an hour, while for the body is more than one hour. However, it can't be longer than 2 hours so it is possible to have it in your lunchtime. Thermage facelift in Singapore has the best results for face, although your body can benefit, too.