Stomach liposuction in Singapore - a short review

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If you have some concerns about your waistline or amount of body fats, you probably know what stomach liposuction is. Most women hate their love handles and try to reduce them as soon as they notice their existence. If you are one of these women, 100% sure you have googled plastic surgeries before. Online there are a lot of resources but the information is almost always pointed in one direction. Very often liposuction is used as a synonym of total weight loss. This is absolutely wrong. If you see some information like this — stop reading it, they don't know what they are talking about. In order to inform people who need more knowledge about stomach liposuction, we have asked Dr. Samuel Ho for a short review of the procedure. Dr. Samuel Ho has a lot of experience in plastic surgeries in Singapore and stomach liposuction is a part of his specialization, so he is a pretty credible source of information.

Stomach liposuction in Singapore will not make a miracle with your belly fat.

Most people think if they have a lipo all their problems will be solved. Wrong! Stomach liposuction is used only for contouring and shaping patient's waistline. If she or he has love handles, flabs on the belly, stomach liposuction will help. But there is a big amount of unwanted fat then lipo will not work. The procedure is created to contour the shape of the body, although there is some amount of fat removing, it is not a significant amount. Its purpose is to allow the patient to get rid of these imperfections who are resistant to exercises. Except for waistline, it is suitable for thighs and hips, too. People whose abdominals are weak and there is loose skin have to draw attention to abdominoplasty, not to stomach liposuction in Singapore, explains Doctor Samuel Ho. These are two different surgeries and the results are different. For example, an abdominoplasty will tighten the loose skin and will expose abs of the patient. In addition, it will cut the amount of skin which is excess.

If we look deeper in stomach liposuction surgery, we will find tumescent liposuction.

This technique for stomach liposuction is the safest method. The surgeon will inject a little amount of salty water under the skin and will start to crash fatty deposits with a cannula. A cannula is a vacuum tube in which there is a stiff wand. The process is slow and requires a certain amount of force so if your surgeon doesn't have enough experience, you should find another one. Crashing fat deposits sounds little scary but it is effective. The length of stomach liposuction is up to 2 hours depending on the chosen area if the procedure is done by a professional like Doctor Samuel Ho. Recovery time is different but it is most likely from 2 weeks to 2 months.

You will find information online that every licensed pro can perform stomach liposuction — this is true but it doesn't mean that the surgery will be successful. Have in mind that the surgery can be performed under both types of anesthesia — local and general. When you discuss the surgery with your surgeon, ask him what type of anesthesia he will recommend to you. Ask him if he has an additional training for liposuction surgeries and how many surgeries he has provided before yours.

Have in mind that stomach liposuction will not make miracles with your body.

Exercises right after the procedure are forbidden but in a month or two, the patient should exercise in order to preserve the results from the stomach liposuction. If they don't the effect will reverse and after a year there will be no visible evidence that they ever had a lipo.