Stem cell treatment is a new and advanced therapy used by Singapore clinics to rejuvenate skin.

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Stem cell treatment in Singapore

Over the previous decade or so, there has been a lot of media attention surrounding the harvesting and use of stem cells. While there are stem cells in the blood, fat tissue and bone marrow of adult’s, the controversy was in using the stem cells that can also be harvested from the umbilical cord and fetus. This has been deemed unacceptable in our modern society, and the research and science behind use of those stem cells has been lacking. But there is still research money being directed toward stem cells, and there has been a lot of progress in recent years in the extraction and the use of them in healing the human body. Previously, stem cells were extracted with great difficulty from bone marrow, causing pain and long recovery times. But with the modern advances in science, the stem cells can now be extracted from adipose tissue, which is the fat cells that are often located just under the skin layer.

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Other stem cell treatment methods in Singapore

There are also much more prolific methods used today to extract stem cells from the red blood cells, making it easy to have a patient simply give blood and then have the stem cells removed from the red blood cells. With the modern advancement of the extraction of stem cells, there have been more stem cells to work with in research labs, which has created a situation where they are able to be used more often and the research body is growing. The medical community knows more about the use of stem cells in patient treatments now than ever before, and the knowledge is only expanding each year.

Stem cell therapy have become the back bone of transplant surgeries, helping to ensure that the new organ is quickly and easily adopted by the new body. In the past, the acceptance rate was much lower than it is today, as stem cells are added to the process. The stem cells are able to quickly replicate themselves, ensuring that enough cells are growing in the area to prevent the body from rejecting the new organ. This has increased the chances that a body will successfully integrate the new organ as a part of the inherent system.

Another use for stem cells is in the regeneration of bone.

Many in Singapore in that area of the medical field are using stem cells to help ensure that the bone is quick to heal and stronger in the process. More bone cells are created, which helps to ensure that the bone is strong and durable, with a thicker bone density than was in existence in that area before the stem cells were added to the process. Another method that is now used with the help of stem cells is in blood transfusions. When stem cell therapies are added to the process, it helps the body of the patient to quickly accept the blood and incorporate it into the body as if it were a natural part of the body. While the medical field is quickly advancing on this topic, there have already been so many additions to the body of knowledge.