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November, 2011
Vehicle tracking system in Singapore
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SkyFy is specialized in Global Positioning System, fleet management system and vehicle tracking. Our well trained and professional team ensures top class fleet management for business in Singapore. Using Global Positioning Tracking System we have been helping corporations to manage their fleet operations, vehicles and drivers for more than a decade. Our fleet management solutions are approved by SPRING Singapore.

How our high technology platform works and what we can offer to your business?

You can monitor every vehicle by attaching on it a Global Positioning System Tracking device and a special SIM Card. This will help you designing optimal routes which will cut expenses. Such monitor will contribute also for the better control of your employees limiting inappropriate actions and exceed speed. Drivers and vehicle safety can be improved. Finally such better monitor and control maintains your good reputation.

Professional fleet management means more satisfied clients

Strict vehicle tracking Global Positioning System will guarantee that your company will meet arrival schedules of your customers. And every time you can answer to your clients where their trucks are. We give you the opportunity to check vehicle locations from your cell phone or computer or laptop all over the world in real time 24 hours a day as the system is totally web based. The data for your vehicles is stored for 6 months so that you can reach it for this period. The system delivers the data at a very high speed whenever you need it. Our company, being approved by SPRING Singapore, is eligible for ICV Vouchers which let eligible small and mediate enterprises to get it for free. You can claim your free fleet management system on SkyFy website.

Good fleet management brings better efficiency

Global Positioning System cuts the time for your vehicles to do their routes. This will allow you either to do the routes in a shorter term or to expand your business by doing more routes daily. Our platform automatically generates daily reports with detailed statistics for your vehicles allowing you to forget the manual bookkeeping and to cut expenses also for it. Precise fleet management and better routes planning results in fuel cost savings.

Having all these advantages with just one system you can take right decisions at every time. That is why some of the most famous brands use our software. And every year there are more and more companies that become our customers to use our system and to upgrade their fleet management to a really professional level.