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April, 2018
Street address: 1 Orchard Blvd, Camden Medical Centre, #11-05
Postal code: 248649
Country: Singapore
Latitude: 1° 18' 11.3976" N, Longitude: 103° 49' 25.3992" E is the website of one of the best Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore. It is divided into 4 parts in four different clinics so every patient can book the most suitable one for him. PhysioActive provides physiotherapy treatments in Singapore with higher attention to patients and their needs. The difference comes from the fact that in PhysioActive works team of international specialists. They are able to provide quality physiotherapy treatments, like orthopaedic, sports rehabilitation and neurologic one. The first step in the effective care is the doctor to determine the right diagnosis and to assign proper treatment plan. Next step is providing the best treatment exercises, massages, or procedures.

Many health conditions need physiotherapy so looking into services offered by PhysioActive you will notice a wide range of procedures and treatments. For example, people who have stretched muscles or joints need physiotherapy urgent. Ageing causes chronic pain in the neck and back. In addition, wrong posture and staying in front of display don't help a lot, too. People who recognize themselves, while we list the health conditions should pay serious attention.
Sports physiotherapy is extremely important for people who are exercising heavily constantly. Professional athletes and bodybuilders know what we are talking about. Clinical massage is another popular service of PhysioActive because experts provide all the benefits from massages with the relief of pain-free. People who can use their massages are people who have some kind of sports injury, pregnant women, people with chronic pain, etc.

PhysioActive provides a corporative health programme for companies where the health of employees is highly valued.

Sometimes productivity depends on small things, like good posture, healthy fit employees so providing all these are 100% proof of success. PhysioActive professional trainers and physiotherapists are able to help many companies to increase productivity indirectly, taking care of their employees.
Wellness and health are going together so everyone has the right to feel fit and well-toned. Living better means exercising from time to time, so PhysioActive provides functional wellness techniques, for people, who want to improve their lifestyle. Functional wellness techniques include Pilates, weight management, and core stability training. All three of them are going to relieve pain in the neck and back if there is a one.

The best way to recognize that in PhysioActive are working experts is like checking successful rehabilitation of people who have neurological diseases.

The list of neurological diseases is a long one but it is not hopeless so patients who have suffered one or more of them should be not only subject to treatment but emotionally recharged with optimistic world outlook. These therapies are different and goals are into giving back strength, balance and independence. In PhysioActive you will find numerous treatments like dry needling, manual therapy, exercise therapy. Very interesting are therapies with ultrasound, Electrotherapy, and Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy. Have in mind that different therapies help in different level for chronic pain and neurological diseases. Manual therapy, for example, is the perfect one for increasing range of motion if it was lost due to some trauma. Exercise therapy is the right one if your muscle has been injured and you have to restore its full functionality.

Most common conditions that could leave you to physiotherapist are sports injuries, neurological disease, orthopaedic injury, or a post-surgical rehabilitation. Even if you don't have either of these, but you still experience the need of consultation don't hesitate and book an appointment because waiting will not improve your condition when it comes to physiotherapy.

In PhysioActive you will find a professional care and expert diagnosis thanks to tears of experience and expertise of the team of physiotherapists.