New revolutionary treatment of acne

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Acne Treatment

Acne is wide widespread skin problem. Many people have this skin condition which is not just aesthetic  disadvantage. Acne sometimes is reason for low self-confidence and   depression. Do not be one of those shy, depressed people! Enquire for new Korean treatment of acne in Cambridge Medical Group Singapore! Forget bad skin and be happy!

From centuries cosmetics is trying to heal and to hide acne and its scars.

Unfortunately acne is really persistent condition whit unpleasant consequences – scars and deep pore are just one part of “extras”.

What is acne and why some people are suffering from  this disorder? This is an inflammatory disorder of the hair follicle. Acne is arising from the sebaceous glands. If sebaceous glands are destroyed, unfortunately acne cannot be repeat. New revolutionally acne solution of Cambridge Medical Group is a innovative and it can be helpful for chronic iterative acne. This method targets the root of the problem which is the sebaceous gland as you can guess. This new method can also be used to remove scars caused by acne.

After this treatment you will be like brand new. From your covered with acne face won’t be even a trace. Renew, young, beauty, bright and shiny skin is going to be your new business card. Meet your “new” face after this new treatment.

“Farewell” to ugly acne, blackheads, pores, scars and imperfections!  Say “Hello” to healthy, bright and beauty face skin!

There is no need for you to take any medicine, expensive pomades and lotions, no more serums, creams and tons of makeup. Show up your real face!  Forget depression and ignominy. Everyone deserves to be beauty and with no skin disorders.

Now selective sebaceous gland destruction method by Cambridge Medical Group can help you.

But let us explain what is selective sebaceous gland destruction method and how it is working. Sebaceous gland destruction method uses an insulated ‘mosquito-needle’ to safely and effectively destroy sebaceous glands. This method works without any thermal injury of the epidermis.

In the International Journal of Dermatology 2011 the efficacy of this method of selective electrothermolysis as treatment for acne is published.

This selective sebaceous gland destruction method has many benefits. Comparing to other treatment this method works with low down time, low recurrence. It has no systemic side effect. New acne treatment protects epidermis - You can treat also syringoma, pores, blackhead, and scars. After selective sebaceous gland destruction method your skin will be like new, smooth and tight. No medicine, no aggressive and painful treatment, only the best new method for you.

The effect after treatment last in time – patients don’t have recurrence.

If you have Inflammatory Acne, Chronic Relapsing Acne, Adult Acne and Acne on the Jaw Line you can relax now – there is Cambridge Medical Group with new selective sebaceous gland destruction method!

Enquire for you best look, don’t procrastinate! This new method really works and it is effective against acne, pores, blackheads, syringoma and scars.