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+65 93259005
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+65 93259005
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Nate Wang
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Credit card
Bank transfer
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Founding Date: 
April, 2014
Digital Marketing
Street address: 50 Chin Swee Road #09-04
Postal code: 169874
Country: Singapore
Latitude: 1° 17' 15.7128" N, Longitude: 103° 50' 25.4688" E

To find a really good marketing agency is hard everywhere. Maybe it is even harder to hire such in Singapore. Many think that any agency would be able to increase the sales once you spend more money on marketing. But this balance is wrong because you lose money paying agency fees. So real marketer would suggest you much fairer scheme for you – he to pay for your marketing and the costs to be for him. And in this case your marketing agency would win or lose together with you. For example Nate Wang's digital marketing agency made possible one of its clients to get 300% profit for short time.

Currently Nate Wang is a very popular digital marketer in Singapore. Before going to work in his own company he was Vice President of Marketing, working with some of the biggest companies globally like American Express, Yahoo, Starhub, Genting, Deloitte.

Except his fabulous work for the corporate sector today Nate gives free consultancy for charities, nongovernmental sector and social causes.

What is Nate’s advice to find become a really good digital marketer? First of all do not listen to advices from corporate world. Just read, listen and learn as much as you can. Even if according to Nate only 5% of all learned would be useful for you. Second step is to promote yourself on Facebook and Google. Fast reaction and timely actions are the next crucial steps.

Just focus on something and become an expert in it instead of trying to “cover”all the fields

For example be exceptional at Facebook and Google and not trying to be such also on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Start with friends of yours who are running their own small business. Offer to them your service. Before it it is good to make a trial with your own money. Check out forums for good ideas and learn from them. Find out good books on the topic. You don’t need more than 2. Keep experimenting. Losing your own money is the best teacher. Only this way you would find creative ways to earn money. Change yourself all the time. Think out of the box. Draw up tactics and change them. And don’t forget that you should “steel” the best from the best in this job - underground marketers and growth hackers. So try to find out what they do and how they do. The rest is in your hands.

This is the short guide in the world of the best marketers.