My personal double eyelid surgery story

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My personal double eyelid surgery

Few months ago I have read that Miss Japan 2015 was scandalized with the fact that as a matter of fact she is not Japanese enough to get the title. Then, I have thought of the millions Asian girls all around the world, who choose the double eyelid surgery to minimize their Asian look. The conclusion I have made on my own is that contemporary world is too harsh with women by putting them into the situation of a difficult choice whether to remain themselves or to lie down on the surgery coach to get nipped and tucked.

Well, thankfully, my negative thoughts have brought me later to a more positive inference – even though harsh and a bit paradox, today`s world at least give us a choice. We can choose who we want to be and we can transform even our appearances in order to be the people we want to be. This is how the double eyelid surgery works. And this is how many Asian girls across the world decide to accept it, too. And guess what – my experience with this procedure was much greater than the one of Miss Japan 2015, because I did what I wanted to do and eventually I acquired the look I have always wished for! Here is how my personal double eyelid surgery has changed my life...

Before telling you how cool the stay at the hospital was and how nice the doctors were, let me tell you what double eyelid surgery is and how it works.

The double eyelid surgery is also known as blephraroplasty that includes a procedure for removal of a skin. The skin is removed either for putting or for getting away of the fats from your eyelids. The stitch that is added to your skin as temporary measure is quite tiny, so I promise you will not even feel it. Thanks to this stitch, though, an eyelid crease is created.

The results are always long-lasting and the effect is marvellous.

Only few days after I got out of the hospital my friends have already been able to see my facial change. I look more beautiful now, but what is even more important is that I am more confident. This is how cosmetic surgeons affect us these days. We are free to make choices for things that only seem to be unchangeable and things that only seem are not in our power to be either removed, or added to our appearances. What double eyelid surgery did to my life is made me believe in myself you can read more at And every time I look in the mirror now I see the person, who I want to be! And after all, isn`t that all that a modern woman needs today?

What can I tell you? If you want it, too, I really recommend you the double eyelid surgery! It will change your life, too, and it will be the first step to the life you want to live!