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January, 2017
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My English School in Singapore

Have you noticed that some children have difficulties reading and pronouncing some words in English? Countries where almost everyone is bilingual, like Singapore, have this major problem with education. Singapore has 4 official languages and the English language is one of them. Actually, the English language is the language that everyone uses in administrations and schools. So it is more official than others. As you may guess, every child should speak and read in English before going to school. Latest studies prove that there is a connection between success in reading and learning and success in life. Inner data shows that children, who have performed better in school, will receive a bigger salary in future. Of course, studies are made in specific areas. However, there is a link between reading and success in life.

Do you remember how you have learned to read?

Before people teach children to read as memorizing different words and their pronunciation. Sounds wrong, right? People minds have the capacity for memory. In addition, every time when the child sees a word, he had to pull it back from its memory how to pronounce it. Unfortunately, this method of education was popular more than a century. But nothing lasts forever and at the end of the 20th century, new method appears.

Phonics awareness is a great discipline which educates children in recognizing different phonics.

Why is this needed? The answer is really simple to imagine that you have equal number sounds and letters, you won`t need to construct complex words which are tough for speaking out. Unfortunately, the English language is more complex than this and there are more sounds than letters. For example, there is one phonemic for ‘th’ and completely different for ‘ht’, so you should know make the difference in pronunciation. Phonics classes are teaching children to memorize the phonemics and to form word`s sound thanks to them. This method gives children opportunity to read words, they meet for the first time. It's like decoding some formula, if you know numbers and rules, you will find out how the formula has been created. Decoding phonemics actually is included in phonics classes in Singapore.

We know that whole explanation might seem a little complicated but children are taught to all this step by step. Every child should start visiting phonics class at the age of 3 or 4. Although it sounds a bit early for education, we are glad to inform you that phonic classes are more like games and entertainment than education. There are plenty songs and story tales included in the curriculum. Children at this age are really hard to hold their attention long time at one game so games are different. Studies show that children actually enjoy phonic classes in Singapore more than they enjoy regular school.

Do you think that your child should visit a phonics class? Check several things at home. How does your child read? Does he read too fast and pronounce words and sounds incomprehensible. Very often the impossibility to speak out words properly while reading is hidden behind fast reading. Another red flag is very slow reading and uncertainty how the words are pronounced. An additional thing you should pay attention is if your child has troubles expressing and articulating. Phonics classes teach children how to properly express their thoughts. Articulation is included, too.

As you may notice, phonics classes in My English School are a complex education in phonic awareness, reading and speaking in English. If you want your child to learn to read fast, don`t hesitate and contact us.