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Muzart — different Art Classes

What means art? It is one way to leave a trace while expressing your feeling and emotions. The difference between a good art and a bad art is feeling that the author has left something more than the final product. Art schools are good in teaching children how to draw and paint, but they miss the most important part. One Art School has to educate children first how to express themselves. There are a lot of tasks in front of our teachers, including developing children creativity and problem-solving skill. Because developing art in young children develops confidence, determination, dedication and team work.

We, in Muzart, believe that children should develop their creativity as soon as possible. If the child is able to express its thoughts, he will have better social skills in the future. The fact, that most children accept art as fun game shows that it is a pleasant activity with benefits. In addition, art activities improve motor skills and individuality. Kids who have strong individuality are more confident.

Art classes encourage children to think out of the box and to overcome their fears.

Every game or art activity, as painting, for example, develops child's patience. There is no way of painting something enormous without patience. Children are taught to wait for the results as long as it is needed — the idea is to teach children that they should use their creativity and patience together. If they do it, they will have success.

Dedication and team work are two things that are included during children education, too. Dedication is a serious advantage and the ability to work with other people - priceless. Here, the main lesson is that sometimes everyone should help in order to be accomplished great results.

In Muzart we have different art classes for children at a different age.

The art class suitable for 2-6 years old children is Junior Art Class. Teachers are helping kids to focus and to develop their patience and brain activity. This class is separated on 3 levels and includes collage painting and basic drawing skills. Next class is Foundation Art Course suitable for 7 – 9 years old kids. This age is perfect for developing kids social and communicating skills. This course includes feelings expressions, mind-mapping, memory drawings, Painting analysis and some Lighting techniques.

Intermediate Art course and Advance Art course are suitable for children who are between 10 and 18 years old. Children become familiar with different colors and their depth. Although, they have used colors before, in an Intermediate level they master them. Creativity is encouraged through different methods of painting, as finger painting effects. Children have the freedom to express themselves with comic and water technique, Pastel effects and other. In the Advance course, children are mastering the oil painting. In addition, they get familiar with famous artist's creations.

Clay art is an additional course suitable for kids who want to sculpt with clay. This is improving their motor skills and perception of shapes. Of course, our professional educators provide lots of games and interesting activities during the sculpting.

In Muzart we don't just educate children how to draw best, we develop their minds and freedom of expression. Games and art activities are aimed to cultivate individuals. Behavior is shaped while children are taught how to express themselves properly. Our mission is to help young children to create their best version while mastering arts and practical learning. In addition, we strive to develop emotional intelligence and cognitive skills. If you want your children to learn how to draw and express their thoughts in an artistic way, don't hesitate and call us. We will be more than happy to partner your children in their educational road.