Introducing Liposuction

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Yes! That’s correct, 70 different types of Lipo. Isn’t that a little ridiculous? How many different ways can you twist Lipo? Oh, wait exactly you can’t. They’re all repetitive, expensive, and Doctors just sound plain ridiculous when they try to explain the different types. So WHY shouldn’t you get any forms of Lipo?

Here’s a list of some of the forms of Lipo…but of course, not all 70.

Mentor Ultrasculpt - This Lipo uses ‘Lysonix Equipment’. It claims to have smaller incisions and less downtime, although some have seen otherwise. Who really wants an incision in the first place? And who wants to sit at home in pain while your body repairs itself? No one.

So what exactly is Ultrasculpt? It’s a noninvasive ‘body contouring’ technique that uses ultrasonic energy to liquefy body fat and remove from surrounding tissue. The ultrasonic vibrations remove the fatty deposits. That sounds gross.

Liposuction, Liposelection, Vaser Liposuction, and Ultrasculpt - Let’s compare all these “different” procedures. Never mind, they’re all exactly the same. Basically what doctors these days love to switch up the names so they can sounds ‘fancier’. Every time they make one tiny change to a Liposuction procedure, they give it a new name so people will be attracted to their new product, and waste more money on something useless and excruciatingly painful.

Doctors and physicians love to rave how it’s the “Botox of body contouring, a hot new non-invasive procedure for body sculpting.” They all use ultrasound, and destroy and dispenses targeted fat. It pumps out fat and they love to brag about how Lipo has minimal bruising, swelling, pain, and downtime. Because everyone loves have LESS pain. What’s the point of even being in pain? Did you know as well that doctors recommend you wear a GARDER for several weeks!

Ultrasound Liposuction - Uses ultrasound to break fat cells then incisions are made and then the fat cells are sucked out through a cannula ( a tube that’s inserted into your body through the incision that is made).

Laser Liposuction - Sound waves break up fat, then an incision is made, the cannula is inserted, then follows the removal of broken fat cells. This is not a surgical operation and is perfect for things like inner thigh liposuction, for additional information, you can visit

Tumescent Liposuction- Swells the body fat cells injected in your body (this causes the swelling) then the cannula sucks out the body fat cells..again.

If you actually sit down, do your research, and compare these procedures, they’re literally all exactly the same