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November, 2015
Street address: 134 Joo Seng Road Level 2 S
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Finally you got your dreamed home

You achieved to build not only the place to live, not only apartment or house - you have a home. A place where your life is about to be, where you will welcome new family members. You have your own fortress now. You have a pier to back for, a place to think about, a place to return … Place, called home.

There is no doubt that this very special place deserves the best regard and your whole attention. You want this place to be perfect for many reasons - you worked so hard to get it, you dreamed so much until it come truth, you desired every single inch of it. Now it is time to bring the spirit of your personal life into this place. Of course you have ideas from the moment you saw it – where is going to be sofa, where a tee table. You have imagined how you are going to wake up here, how the sun is going to shine thru curtains.

The kid’s room is right to your bedroom; you know what wallpapers are going to be perfect. You want something extraordinary for your new place. You have spend so many hours to view furniture and design ideas but nothing is perfect enough for you special place. You are tired from boring furniture with no soul and spirit. Everything is equal to each other. Boring, boring … Thousands of boring furniture. No creativity, no idea, no special design. It looks like every single design is copy/pasted from each other. Disaster! In most of the cases you cannot order something special or different, there are no exclusively designed items or special edition

Your new special place of your dreams deserves more than this, you deserve more than ordinary, equal to all others, boring, copy/pasted furniture.

The good news is that exist someone who can help you in this case. IconicHAUS furniture in Singapore is right for you. This company was founded to satisfy and the most capricious client. Finally you will meet furniture producer who can make everything by your order. Every single thing is produced for most quality materials and by your particular order. Their specialists are going to help you with advises and recommendation for design, for projects and because of their great experience you will get the best furniture ever. Don’t worry for furniture any more, you faithful partner is here.

The best materials and the best designers are available now in Singapore. When you visit IconicHAUS furniture shop you are going to be completely convinced that there is ray of hope for your lovely, new home. You will fall into variety of sofas, chairs, work desks, dining tables, beds, storage, coffee tables, home decors, accessories, paintings, cushions and even lighting. There is literally everything that you need to finish new home with style and to express yourself into home interior. Let your guests can see how good taste and style do you have, let them fall silent and dunk into your world… Show how deep is your imagination and what the sense of true fashion is. Only with IconicHAUS furniture you can deploy your soul in the living space.

IconicHAUS in Singapore is your choice for home furniture

Fall into the best design and work to create the best home environment with best specialists, best designers and best professionals in Singapore. Take advantage to get the best quality and best materials for your furniture by order. Often there are promotions and sales so you can get your furniture by unbelievable prices. All you have to do Is going and start making your dreams come truth. No one is going to have exactly the same home as yours. Furniture is about to be unique and especially made for your place.

Choose from different styles of furniture to find yours. Mix some styles to achieve modern design and luxury outlook of the home. Take a tour thru contemporary, classic, Scandinavian, industrial, minimalistic, luxury, retro or modern styles… Find yourself and the best “dress” for your home. It is not so hard to assemble the dreamed home if you have ally in this work. Just go to IconicHAUS furniture store in Singapore now!