How to choose international school in Singapore for my kid?

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Whether you have planned, or moved to Singapore, the task to find a decent, proper and good school for your kid is ahead. Actually, a good and decent school is not enough, is it? You want the most perfect school, where your kid will not only get the education it deserves, but will also adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.

Singapore is a welcoming, but very different country. It has a unique lifestyle, culture and atmosphere that a small kid might not be able to accept quite soon. So getting a proper school, where this whole adaptation process will go smoothly and faultlessly, must be an agenda task for you: just like finding a new home place in Singapore is.

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GEMS World Academy is one of the leading Singapore-based international schools. Kids love it and 90% of people, who have moved here and chosen GWA claim that this academy has helped them to adapt to the local environment. Because when a kid adapts to the new environment, it becomes twice easier and faster for its parents to adapt, as well.

GEMs World Academy kids

GEMS World Academy Singapore representatives have spoken a lot for this topic. They have a whole guide with tips and approaches into finding the best education solution for your children, when you move to Singapore. So, if you are wondering how to choose international school in Singapore for your own kid, as well, the following tricks and ideas might be very helpful for you:

Location is a key factor

Not every education and school center like GEMS World Academy has several locations alongside Singapore. So this is why you need to consider the closeness of the school to your home place. Please, keep in mind that your kid is still in a big stress and in the beginning, it will need familiar things like you, the pet and even its toys around till it gets used to the new environment.

About the language barrier

In Asia, spoken languages are many and in the beginning your kid might feel very strangely among an environment with so many people speaking so weird things and words. The language barrier at school, on the other side, should be fully overcome and your kid should study in the language it speaks. But it should also learn the local languages, so bilingual classes like those at GWA are quite good ideas.

GEMs future

Think about the future

Even if your son is still nine, you need to think about his future from now: think about the competitive environment it will eventually appear, when applying for a university or even for his first job position. Remind yourself all those mistakes you have done in your own education: like the fact you did not study various things or the misunderstanding how important foreign languages and computer sciences are. All of these should be given to your kid and GEMS World academy Singapore provides it as a matter of fact.

Balance knowledge with fun

You are looking for a place, where your kid will have the chance to both: learn new things and have fun? You think that nothing done with force has a good result later? Congrats: you have the right approach into selecting the right international school in Singapore for your kid. But where to find a place where entertainment is finely balanced with knowledge. GWA is your place. Here, kids forget that they are at school at some point. The education base is so modern and intriguing that they feel here like home, like in a friendly environment where they really should be. Eventually, GWA becomes a desired school, where your kid will love to go and study at. It is always about the balance and GEMS Singapore School Academy knows it!

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