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Double Eyelid Surgery
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Many people want to improve their eyelids appearance. Shortly there are two ways to do such – non-surgical and surgical . Non-surgical way relies on application of cosmetic products like double eyelid glue оr tape. This way you can have only a day double eyelids till you wash up your face. If you choose this way you should follow up some basic steps: your face should be washed up exactly before applying the cosmetic products; double eyelid adhesive should be applied on completely dry skin; eye cosmetic products like mascara, eyeshadow аnd liner can be applied to the eye for better effect.

If you want permanent double eyelids then you should choose surgical procedure.

It is eyelid surgery, also named a blepharoplasty click here for detailed information. It can be done on upper or lower lids, or both. This is not only aesthetic surgical correction but also can solve some functional issues with eyelids like skin that changes natural upper eyelid contour or affecting your ability to see; removal of fat deposits, bags under eyes, drooping lower eyelids, wrinkles.

Choosing surgical method to change your eyelids appearance you can ask your doctor to give you an advice and to show you your new look with double eyelids.

Next step is you to decide how high the fold should be up to your taste. Before to take this decision you should know that higher folds are usually better for girls, but there are exceptions of rules. Have in mind that results are permanent so you should be very carefully before taking your decision. Of course it is very important also to find out a well experienced doctor to do the surgery. And if you make your surgery abroad and do not choose local doctor it might be very disturbing for you in order if you need further consultancy after the operation. At least do not forget to discuss such a situation with your doctor and be sure that at least you would have his number. But if you need some additional check up then you will have to plan again trip to the country where you made your operation. So it is worthy to think of a local clinic.

And finally the good doctor would always give you good advice and would not encourage you to go extreme with plastic surgeries. If you would like to look naturally beautiful even after surgery just choose what would suit your age, face and your eyelid issues.