Fillers for Wrinkles

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Fillers for wrinkles

Fillers for Wrinkles - Or Firm, Wrinkle-Free Skin?

Many women attempt to conceal wrinkles with makeup. But rather than creating a youthful look, too much makeup almost always adds years. Attempts to "fill” wrinkles and fine lines are self-defeating. Some women find that a regimen of creams and lotions adds elasticity, and others resort to surgical procedures. But more and more women are discovering the rejuvenating power of radio frequency machines. Products such as Botox, Juvederm, Ellanse, Sculptra, Restylane can all do the job but they all have different properties. You can learn more about fillers on Singapore Beauty Secrets.

Radio Frequency Wands

Medical professionals and exclusive spas have, for many years, offered radio frequency treatments to their clients, but these can be prohibitively expensive. New technology is making home versions of these machines ever more effective. These small radio frequency wands are lightweight, small, effective. They use the same technology as the large spa machines but with a lower amplitude, making them suitable for daily in-home use. With treatments of only three minutes a day, users will experience improved skin tone and a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Some women even notice a

dramatic improvement after their first treatment!

Three Treatments in One

Radio frequency wands use three types of therapy:

  • Stimulation. These lightweight devices can provide a micro-current of up to 168.000 cycles per second, stimulating skin like a massage. Massage improves blood flow and brings oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin.
  • Thermal energy. Beneath the skin's surface, thermal energy helps support the skin's natural regenerative processes in the production of collagen and skin health. It also aids in providing a healthy "glow.”
  • Enriched oxygen. A natural cleanser, enriched oxygen helps to minimize pore size creating a softer, smoother skin texture and a clear complexion.

Benefits of the Technology

  • Lifts and tightens saggy skin
  • Helps smooth baggy or puffy eyes
  • Shrinks pores for smoother skin
  • Decreases feathery lip lines
  • Minimizes smile creases
  • Diminishes crow's feet
  • Beauty products such as creams and lotions are absorbed more easily
  • Makeup goes on more smoothly
  • Skin acquires a healthy, youthful look

Using a Home Radio Frequency Device

Home devices are effective, even though they're small and lightweight. Look for a product that comes with an instructional video to help you learn all of its various features.

If you have certain skin lotions and creams that you like, they can be used in conjunction with a radio frequency device. The treatments will help your skin absorb the cream. Some companies provide lotions with the purchase of a radio frequency device.

Some clients wonder what the radio frequency treatments feel like. The wand doesn't hurt or sting, and the intensity is adjustable, so you can begin with the device on a low setting until you're used to the sensation.

Radio frequency treatments are not time-consuming. Three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening is enough time to make a noticeable difference to your appearance.

Some people should not use a radio frequency device for skin rejuvenation. These include people with pacemakers or those who use other electrical medical devices, pregnant women, or people with rosacea or excessive broken capillaries.

A few minutes a day with a radio frequency device can make an amazing difference to your skin, and take years off your appearance. Try one today, and see yourself growing younger before your eyes!