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Scarless Eyebag Surgery
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Eye bags are issue of almost all the people after certain age. Even younger people can get them due to stress, less sleep, water retention, allergies. Maybe all of you know that these eye bags show that your health is under risk. But also they make you looking tired and your face loses its freshness. There are many advices how to get rid of eye bags, but indeed less are really useful.

There are two methods to remove these eye bags.

Non-surgical method relies on use of special cosmetic products like creams, fillers or serums to be applied on problem zones. There are herbal products which are considered to be very powerful for fighting this issue. About fillers you need to consult their application with your doctor so that to be sure that they would work in your case.

Permanent solution for eye bags removal is the surgery.

It consists of removal of accumulated fat under your eyes. The surgery can be done either by laser tightening this eye area or by incision removing the eye bag.

Sure you would be eager to know the cost of eye bag removal surgery. In Singapore it is around $3000. Of course you can find much cheaper offers, but in this case it is very doubtful how good is the doctor qualification and experience. Instead it is better to meet more doctors with good reputation in this area to consult your issue and also to compare the costs. If you decide to do this procedure abroad then have in mind that there can appear some complications after the surgery and then you would need to travel abroad again. This way it would cost you more plus you would need to plan your trip again.

I can recommend in Singapore Doctor Shens a well know specialist at Shaw centre who is very experienced in doing this surgery thousands of times and one can trust his ability. You can find detailed information about eyebag surgeries at EyeBagEncyclopedia.

The surgery itself takes about 30 minutes. There is no downtime after completing it. Its effect lasts forever. Maybe for some people the cost would seem to be expensive. But it saves you all the money for special cosmetic products and make-up. Here we would not even mention time spent for all these temporary effects of non-surgical ways.

Some disadvantage of the surgery is the risk of appearing complications after the operation. It is possible that it would be necessary to be done an extra surgery to remove these complications. Knowing all the pros and cons you can take best decision for yourself. And of course do not hesitate to ask your doctor for all the details.