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Dream Plastic Surgery
Street address: 290 Orchard Rd,
Postal code: 238859
Country: Singapore
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Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore is part of Dream Medical Group. The organization was found in 1999 in Korea with main activity plastic surgery and aesthetics. Thanks to the commitment of the team and the great expertise of surgeons today, Dream Medical Group has a pillar in Korea. They are proud to widen their medical field with aesthetic dentistry and dermatology. It is not a surprise, that Singapore and Korea work closely in the plastic surgery field because both countries have amazing achievements. Specialists from Korea with their experience are in collaboration with specialists from Singapore. Dream Plastic Surgery is the place where you can find the best experts from both countries.

What procedures Dream Plastic Surgery offer?

On their website, you may find all the treatments they provide with brief information. You might feel astonished by the number of offered procedures and aesthetic treatments but you should know that Dream team tests every treatment. The efficiency of the procedures is essential if you want to be popular with quality and detailed work. Facial procedures are all about details and precision. Especially, if it's about surgery like double eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty. People are extremely careful about how their face looks like because it is our first impression and way of communication. This is also a brief explanation, why so many people desire altering their facial features so badly.

However, Dream Plastic Surgery is a unique medical facility. Thanks to their experience they will give you the best piece of advice on what type of procedure is the most suitable for you. Almost every patient is doing a quick research before consultation but only one experienced surgeon might recommend you the most proper procedure.

In Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore, you may find Ulthema lifting therapy, radio frequency (RF) technology, Hydralift Skin Boosters, Botox, Fillers and many other therapies to guarantee a wider choice of their clients. Every facial treatment and therapy is focused on different problems. Some of them are for smoothness, other for wrinkles, and some are rejuvenating skin as a whole. As we already mentioned, the surgeon or the dermatologist will define your therapy depending on your skin condition and your goals.

If your goal is to improve some part of your body, then on their website you will find in details all surgeries explained.

Surgeons in Dream Plastic Surgery have a long list with different breast augmentation surgeries. If you want to change the size of your breast you could check breast enlarging or breast reduction. Of course, they have nipple and breast reconstruction also on their list with surgeries.

Like the most plastic surgery clinics, they offer different types of rhinoplasty. As you may know, after breast augmentation, the second popular surgery is rhinoplasty. People desperately struggle to change their noses so different surgeries and procedures are available to satisfy the demand. In Dream Plastic Surgery there are nose tip surgery, nose bridge augmentation, and different types of nose correction. Similar to facial procedures, here also patients should book an appointment for consultations in order to understand better what type of procedure is the best for them. For example, tip correction is impossible to accomplish with dermal filler so surgery is needed but the only possible way to know that is from a specialist.

Another procedure, which you might reveal in the Dream plastic surgery list with procedures, is hair transplant, hair regeneration. Baldness is a major problem for men and women so such a procedure is always necessary.

Why you should choose Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore?

On their website, you might find additional information about special surgeries and real stories of their patients with photos. You may read about new procedures and new technologies that will take place soon in medical therapies. As you probably know medicine is always developing field so staying in tune with all innovations is mandatory.

Of course, on the website, you may read more about surgeons in Dream Plastic surgery and their experience and education. Finding the best expert in chosen surgery is essential if you want to accomplish the best results. The best means someone who has enough successful surgeries like yours so you might ask your surgeon to show you photos of his previous patients.