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+65 97309399
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Dr Israr Wong
South Bridge Rd, 277A Singapore 058826
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Credit card
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October, 2017
Israr Wong
Street address: South Bridge Rd, 277A Singapore
Postal code: 058826
Country: Singapore
Latitude: 1° 16' 54.3756" N, Longitude: 103° 50' 42.8136" E

Dr. Israr Wong is a famous Aesthetic Physician & Trainer in Singapore. If you need some advice for a plastic surgery, Dr. Israr Wong will give you the best recommendations. He is specialized in Thread lifts, Fillers, and Full Face Rejuvenation. In israrwong.com you can find his complete autobiography and medical experience. He is the first Ellanse Asia Advisory Board member and trainer for some popular Filler brands, like Radiesse, Silhouette Soft, and Dysport. On his site, there is a contact form and everyone who wants to write to him is able to do it.

As every respected aesthetic physician, Dr. Israr Wong a lot of people are ready to share their opinion about his work. In Israrwong.com you can find a lot of testimonials and press articles. If you have doubts how experienced is Dr. Israr Wong when you read all positive feedback for him and his work, you will be sure that he is the best specialist in this area.

In his website, you will find a lot of educational articles. As an experienced trainer, he feels obligated to educate people in different fillers and facelift methods. If you are looking for information, you can check his article about eye bag removal surgery and different fillers. In About page, you will find all procedures and treatments that you can have in his clinic.

Every patient who has decided to have dermal fillers injected or some treatment wants to know as much as it is possible. This was the reason why Blog section of Israrwong.com is so expanded. You will find complete guides for dermal fillers, like Ellanse, DYSPORT BOTULINUM TOXIN, Botox, Radiesse and others. In addition, there are a lot of materials where these fillers can be injected and how the procedure is affecting your face. Results, facts, and risks are described in depth. This is extremely helpful because patients book an appointment with the exact idea what to expect from the procedure. Of course, there is nothing wrong in not knowing, but for those who are curious, this blog is the best source of information. There are some materials about the reasons who lead us to more wrinkled face and dark eye circles, too.

Dr. Israr Wong has an Instagram profile. If you want to follow his Instagram posts feel free to do it. Having a website like this is really important for all people who fight daily against misinformation and fake news. In plastic surgery, there are too many delusions and lies and if you don't educate your clients it is highly possible to have bigger issues later. For example, people who don't have access to credible information, don't have right expectations from the treatments. This is really dangerous because it can ruin the good reputation of every plastic surgeon. However, Dr. Israr Wong has found out that Israrwong.com is a good channel for educating his patients. In addition, all people who want to know more about their surgeon can do it easily. Including data about his own education, professional experience, hobbies, and family, is improving the connection between a doctor and a patient. This is really helpful for people who are afraid of doctors and need more time to feel relaxed in the presence of strangers. The best results will be accomplished when the patient feels safe and calm.