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Business is not something that is not changing, in contrary, most businesses meet different obstacles and adapt to a new environment all the time. Business owners who are capable of adapting usually survive and have accomplishments those who can't adapt go bankrupt fast. Business loans are what business owners need when can't adapt to the new environment. There are many places where they can get a loan, like banks and moneylenders. All business loans have similar characteristics - higher interest rate and limited time.

Bank business loans.


People ask a bank for a loan when they need a bigger amount of money. This is valid not for business loans but for personal ones in Singapore, too. For example, if someone decides to buy a car or a house, he will ask a bank, not a moneylender. Banks are capable of offering bigger amounts with lower rates but there are some disadvantages, too. Banks loans are two type secured and unsecured. The first type, you will need someone to guarantee your loan with his own property, while the second type doesn't need this warranty.

There is one specific type of loan that is suitable for businesses that already have loans. The idea is hiding in refinancing the old with a new loan with better interest rate and terms. Considering this type of loan is not for everyone because business owner should be careful with hidden taxes. There is a possibility to refinance the loans not properly.

Small loans

Actually, every decision for a loan should be considered carefully. Finances are delicate and there are many things, which can ruin your business in Singapore. For example, before signing a contract for a loan makes sure you understand every single line of it. Often there are additional clauses for increasing interest rate or taxes that are not visible at first. In addition, you should ask bank assistant or moneylender about these things and you should listen carefully.

Moneylenders will give you a business loan almost every time when you need one but the terms will be different. For example, they have government limitations in Singapore, how big the loan can be. In addition, there is a limitation on the interest rate. Another benefit is that there is almost no time for approving applicants so you will know immediately if you are going to receive money or not. There is a great website, where you can find a list of many credible licensed moneylenders in Singapore like if you need a business loan.

Small business loans can be received by other moneylenders but it is illegal. So if you think that your moneylender is not a licensed one, you can check his name and company online on the government website. The only possible way, Singapore to protect clients and moneylenders in their deals is if the deal is made with licensed one. Business owners should be extremely careful with this one because they usually apply for bigger amounts of money.

Some moneylenders can want to check your year revenue, just to be sure that you will be capable of paying back. This is completely OK because there is no such thing as giving away loans irresponsibly. Most people think that moneylenders are not an option but in fact, they can give you pretty good terms for a business loan. For example, the interest rate can be higher but the money will be in your account immediately. When you need money to pay for goods or some services this is extremely important.