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Do you have a credit card? Do you want some cash back and rewards every time you are using it? We all love presents. It doesn't matter if the present is unexpected, big, or small. When we see a box with wrapping paper, pure happiness inundates our hearts. Unfortunately nowadays most presents don't come in boxes.

They come with the best credit cards offers in Singapore

Most of us have this plastic miracle which gives us the opportunity to pay for what we need immediately. For the last year in Singapore, there are 7 000 000 credit and debit cards according to the Monetary Authority of Singapore. So why then don't we take some advantage of our spending?

There is a specific company which will give you cashback, different rebates, and rewards if you apply for a credit card through them.

Finty Pte LTD is an organization which will give you an opportunity to save some money while shopping, traveling or dining. Some offers are available even if the client has been already existing cardholder. The result is — saving and spending at the same time.

If you choose a credit card from your favorite bank and apply for it through you could receive up to $50 cash. Not only you will have the bank promo which is often cash back or rebate but you will get cash from Finty PTE LTD. For example, there are several credit cards which will give you $150 Uber credits or $120 cash back or $150 rebate. Of course, it matters if you are already a member of this bank then you will receive more gifts or bigger amount credit.

Some banks have a special offer for cards usage on foreign currency spends. An interesting offer is that bank will give the cardholder 1.5% cashback of all spending worldwide. If you use AMERICAN EXPRESS PLATINUM CREDIT CARD, you will earn points. Points will transfer in rewards and gifts from the major retail companies, restaurants and electronic shops. Some banks provide their clients with 5% rebate on recurring TV, mobile, and internet bills. One of our favorite rebates is 8% cashback at petrol stations all over the world. This is the perfect opportunity for all the people who love to drive hours exploring foreign countries.

HSBC REVOLUTION CREDIT CARD offers cardholder to save some money while shop online.

We consider this as a gift to every single woman who is spending hours in looking for a perfect dress or shoes online.

It is really common practice, credit cards to give you discounts in the restaurants. If you use the right credit cards in Singapore to pay for your dinner your bill could be in half. You should read carefully which restaurants and bars are included and take advantage of this hack. Another good practice is mile cards usage. The client is earning miles, not points. If he uses the credit card regularly it won't take long to earn so many miles that he could afford to go on a free trip. The advantage of mile cards is not only miles clients are earning but the free hotel reservations and flight bookings. Of course, the Finty credit card will have a complementary welcoming bonus of several thousand miles at the beginning in addition to the cash and bonuses. Air miles credit card comes with traveling privileges as free access to the luxury airport lounges. The client will have complimentary access to lounges where he could get a massage, watch a movie, eat fancy food or just rest in a cozy environment. No 1 Lounge at London Heathrow Airport has a gaming room and a library, too. Using an air miles credit card is like complimentary champagne in the luxury lounge — you don't need it but you can't refuse it.

Citibank credit card gives the opportunity for its clients to use a meal discount if they have a bill of $70 or $140 for two people. Restaurants discount are often practice for credit card cardholders. Banks know that saving money it is not an easy task so they make it easier for their client to spend less not to save.

Almost every credit card has a 1% to 8% rebate of spend amount. For example, CIMB Visa Signature credit card gives you 10% on all restaurant dining. Every bank has different offerings. Nowadays there are a lot of banks and all of them compete with each other. If you need a credit card make sure you choose one with gifts and rebates. Don't forget that if you take it from Finty PTE LTD you will receive cash and additional rewards, too.