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My personal double eyelid surgery story

My personal double eyelid surgery

Few months ago I have read that Miss Japan 2015 was scandalized with the fact that as a matter of fact she is not Japanese enough to get the title.

How to choose international school in Singapore for my kid?

GEMs World Academy teacher

Whether you have planned, or moved to Singapore, the task to find a decent, proper and good school for your kid is ahead. Actually, a good and decent school is not enough, is it?

Face slimming with EnerG RF Face lift Advanced Skin Tightening System

EnerG RF Face slimming

Again you wake up in the morning and your face looks like a donut – swollen and puffy. Every part of the face is loose and like filled up with something. There is no way to slim your face with cold compress, neither with cream or mask.

How often Singaporeans use POS terminals?

POS machine Singapore

In the 21st century, the world goes around much faster. The dynamic of life is bigger than ever and business of course is part of all that. We can say that the most successful economic agents are those who adapt better to this reality. Asia is the biggest manufacturer in the world.

New revolutionary treatment of acne

Acne Treatment

Acne is wide widespread skin problem. Many people have this skin condition which is not just aesthetic  disadvantage. Acne sometimes is reason for low self-confidence and   depression. Do not be one of those shy, depressed people!