12 facts you should know before getting breast implants

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Woman with breast implants

Breast implants are the most popular surgery worldwide.

Last year more than 300 000 women chose to enlarge their breasts in order to look better or to reshape them after mastectomy. Last 20 years women started to pay more attention to their breast and there are a lot of cultural and ethnic reasons for this change. Until 1990, one million women had a breast enlargement surgery without any safety studies. Silicone implants have been approved for the first time in 2006. Thankfully today there are a lot of safety studies and every professional surgeon uses only approved breast implants. Before you read the facts you can check what doctor Samuel Ho from Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore thinks about it.

  1. Breast implants are not permanent. Our bodies are changing constantly and this affects the quality and shape of the implants. If the woman becomes pregnant or loses a lot of weight she should have another breast augmentation surgery in order to improve the condition of the implants. Usually the implants last several years.
  2. The cost is different in different countries. If you are planning to have a breast augmentation surgery it is a good idea to check where are the best specialist and what the cost of the surgery is. Have in mind that the cost should include surgeon fee and the price of anesthesia and materials.
  3. The recovery time is no more than a week. Actually, you could go back to the office but manual labor is not recommendable. However, if the implants are positioned behind the muscle the recovery will be a little longer. Cardio exercises are forbidden next 3 months. Some patients recover faster but it is still not very good idea to jump around with your new implants. There is a risk of leaks and ruptures.
  4. Before choosing the size of implants, it is a good idea to stuff your bra with that size neoprene sacks. This way you will have a better idea how your appearance will change after the surgery.
  5. Although you can choose the size of the implants, your choice is limited. There is no possible way if you have A cup to have D cup implants. Our skin and body have to adapt to the new shape and sizes bit by bit. So if you really want a big change, you should have several surgeries in order to achieve your goal.
  6. There are two different types of incisions. Areola incision could affect breastfeeding in future and underarm incisions couldn't. Women who choose incision in the crease shouldn't have troubles with breastfeeding, too.
  7. Every breast surgery could cause side effects. One of the most common is when the patient has lost the feeling in her nipples. They should still respond to the irritations but the patient won't feel them.
  8. Although breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery, it is still a surgery. Not every patient is suitable for it. If the patient has medical issues or a family history of breast cancer the surgery is not recommended. However, the group of not suitable patients is including smokers and obese women, too.
  9. Choosing an experienced surgeon is essential. Before you book a consultation you should check if he is certified. Another thing you should ask for are photos of his previous patients. Have in mind that every surgeon has a different approach.
  10. There are two different kinds of implants — silicone and saline. Most of the women prefer silicone because they are more close to the feeling of natural breasts. If there are ruptures in them it is hard to find them, though. Saline breast implants have more imperfections but if they start to leak it is really easy noticeable.
  11. Every woman should expect to change her posture after the breast augmentation surgery. Different weight will change a little our posture because our spine used to carry different size breasts.
  12. There is a new method of breast enlarging surgery and it is fat transfer. The difference is that the perfect candidate should have enough fat to be transferred in the breasts.

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The most important thing you should know before lying under the knife is that you should choose carefully your surgeon. Every specialist will give you the right recommendations before and after the surgery. He will be a part of your recovery, too. The breast augmentation will give you better appearance and higher self-esteem.